EARTH IN AGONY (Translation)...what will remain of our blue earth as an heritage to our children ???

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what will remain of our blue earth as an heritage to our children ???

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Production : Music & Solidarity Productions - author/translator : Pat Rieux-Boyer

Earth in agony

Is there somebody who can tell me, on which kind of boat we’re sailing,

What will be our future, in which kind of world we gonna live,

My little ego is not important, it’s for our children that I’m scared of,

I hope they will be so lucky, to breath health and happiness.


We were calling you our blue planet, men have tinted you in black,

Destroyed by wars and fires, by all these powerful despots,

It’s really time to sweep up, all these bloody despair makers,

Please, let go the peace doves, so they can bring back love and hopes. 

Discoloured, the green of pastures, forgotten, the sky without clouds

Help us, we are fed up, save her... the earth, (sang by children)

Devastated, our flimsy seashores, disgusted, by all these devastations

Help us, we are fed up, save her.

So much wastes, so much promises, so few beau gests


Wiped out by aids and plague, so many villages became their tombs,

Vanished, our nicest species, for a few bags or a few fur coats,

Also blighted, the end of oceans, abandoned to cans and toxins,

Victims of bloody attacks, entire cities, left as theatres of ruins.


I would like to be a bird, so I could fly towards the sun,

To an universe remained nice, to countries remained wonder,

When I look all around me, I am ashamed of what I see,

Our Earth close to agony and nobody who cares of.

Wake-up, Earth is dying, our future is in your hands,

Help us, save the earth  (sang by a little girl)

All rights reserved in Sacem and Copyright France Pat Rieux-Boyer Mars 2006








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