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Music & Solidarity Productions, a charity association

our goal is to help amateur artists to produce quality music

Let's be international a bit and open our space to our dear english speaking friends. My name is Pat Rieux-Boyer and I'm président of a charity association called "Music & Solidarity Productions". We are all based in Toulouse, south of France and our goal is to help amateur artists to produce quality music and outstanding performances.

We have produced a new CD including 4 tracks. Among those 4 songs, two are extracts from an opera-rock called "Dark success", that I have initiated in 92 during a stay in Roma. To give you topics about that opera: It's the story of an american singer, in a world tour with his band in Paris, where he meet a nice but unfortunate Italian girl very skilled in dance. Of course they will end in a nice romantic love story but both their individual hidden past will surface and make things more complicate. As you can see, it's quite an international opera which means that despite most of the scenario is written in French, some songs are performed in english as well as in Italian.  


As you may imagine, we are working on our own without any exterior help yet, so building such a huge spectacle is costing a lot in time and money but I am confident that one day we will be lucky enough to find a way to make it on stage.

Anyway, even if the following songs are written in french, I do invite you to listen them and give a feed back of your general feeling about. It would be my pleasure to make correspondance worldwide. And who knows, if most of you do like the scores, I may translate it and make a new version in english!!!

Click on the following song titles to hear the mp3 extracts,


 1/ Terre à l'agonie

  • (Earth in agony )  what will remain of our blue earth as an heritage to our children ???

2/ Fils de mineurs 

  • (Coke's minears)  a song written for my grand-father, coke minear) 

3/ Enfant du Partage (extract of "Dark Success" my opera-rock) 

  • (Shared child or Child of divorce)  dialogue between a daughter and her father while their parents are divorcing

4/ Combat pour la vie (extract of "Dark Success") 

  • (Fight for life)  An Italian girl who's got into HIV in discussion for hope with a vagabond she saved from the street and became her best friend




The article "Earth in agony" (click on) is the translated text of the original song. Take 5 minutes to read it



















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nicolas 27/08/2006 20:09

bonjour, je suis tomber sur votre site, et je suis un jeune compositeur, pour écouter ce que je fai il vous suffit d'allez sur mon site. si pouviez m'aider dans ma passion et m'aider a réaliser mes chanson avec un meilleur son, ou me donnez des conseils, je vous en serez vraiment reconnaissan. je vai fair de la pub pour votre site, c'est vraiment bien!
j'ai 17an..

Stéphanie 11/04/2006 15:41

Coucou !Je découvre ton blog qui est vraiment très bien !Alors je continue ma balade !Bisous.

DELBOSC 10/02/2006 18:52

Bravo pour la musique et les paroles
C'est l'émotion qu'on ressent... des paroles.. une Histoire du passé qu'on ne peut oublier...On ne regardait pas comment on était embauché ... CPE ou CDI (Réflechissons)